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Singapore, The Lion City, located in the heart of Southeast Asia is a huge mecca for global corporate business in Asia. Singapore sits among the Top 3 in the world for foreign trade investment (according to the Globalisation Index 2012) and is one of the ‘Big Three’ Asia business powerhouses attracting the world’s major organisations and business talent.

Singapore has proudly stood in the No.1 spot as the Country with best quality of life in Asia according to the 2011 Mercer Quality of Living Worldwide City Rankings. Combining great events such as the Singapore F1 Grand Prix, The Singapore HSBC Rugby Sevens, The Standard Chartered Marathon and the 2019 co-hosting of the Rugby World Cup at the new Singapore Sports Hub, make Singapore a leading destination for tourism. Singapore’s colonial past still looms large in all parts of the city with original architecture remaining and preserved such as the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore’s old Post Office and the famous Raffles Hotel.
Singapore’s location makes it Asia’s No.1 hub for travel across the region and is well supported by one of the world’s best airports, Changi.

Top 3 List of issues to consider when working in Singapore:

  1. Stringent employment regulations
  2. High tax and visa expenses
  3. High cost of living

Top 5 most important points about our service in Singapore:

  1. CXC operates under the complete compliance of Singaporean employment Law.
  2. CXC is able to facilitate and sponsor working visas, dependent (family) visas and residency visas.
  3. CXC designs innovative payroll solutions which may incorporate; trusts, partnerships, overseas managed structures etc.
  4. CXC supports Individual Contractor Payroll.
  5. CXC offers Vendor Neutral MSP Management and employment process consulting.
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  • 1 North Bridge Road
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  • Singapore 179094
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